Samford Valley Medical Centre is a mixed billing practice.  Children under the age of 16, pension card holders and DVA patients will be bulk billed on presentation of a valid applicable card between hours of 8:30am and 5:30pm.  All patients are subject to private billing fees prior to 8:30am and after 5:30pm at the doctors discretion.

Our most common fees are:

  • Standard consultation - $75 (medicare rebate $37.60)

  • Long consultation - $110 (medicare rebate $72.80)

Patients are asked to pay in full on the day of their consultation.  We accept EFTPOS, credit cards and cash for your convenience. 

Please be aware that Samford Valley Medical Centre strives to have appointments available to see patients when needed and as such, has a policy for appointment ‘no shows’ or cancelled appointments. For patients that are ‘no show’ a warning letter on the second occasion will be sent. Any subsequent ‘no show’ appointments will incur a fee. Patients that cancel appointments within an hour of the appointment time will incur the same outcome as a ‘no show’. Patients that have cancelled three consecutive appointments will also get a warning letter and then an invoice if it continues. This policy is subject to the discretion of the doctor and excludes exceptional circumstances.